Pre Marital Counselling
Unlike earlier times when marriage was a pure institution according to several religious beliefs. But today things are changing it is not the same as before. If the marriage isn’t working out , we can go our separate ways & write a new chapter. However, failed marriages today as well, have unhealthy repercussions & must be avoided by all means. There are 2 different approaches to save a marriage: Either you make amendments by arriving reasonable level of compromise OR Ascertain the compatibility before tying knot.
Need Of Pre Marital Counselling
As people have become smarter & better exposed to the loose lifestyles depicted on television, the sanctity of marriage has inadvertently been diluted. Selfishness dominate as demands multiply. Couples are, generally, reluctant to sacrifice their desires, which are often the foundation of the arguments. Agreed the concept of lavish wedding is infinitely exciting, but the question is whether the couple is prepared to take up the long term responsibilities which will soon materialize after the knot is tied. Hence it is essential for the newly weds to be introspected & figure out how compatible they are. Can they envision a bright future? Or would it be a waging war where the only winner will be the closest divorce lawyer?
Benifits Of Pre Marital Counselling
  • Plays a crucial role in stabilizing unstable relationships & encouraging partners to settle conflicts.
  • Counselling aid in bringing estranged to be spouses together.
  • Counselling paints a picture of the future marital problems, thus cautioning them of the hardships endured by almost every married couple.
  • Finance, commitment, communication & sex all are inevitable factors to be discussed in a newly blossoming marriage.
  • Topics such as children & building a spring up.
  • Pre marital counseling subtly prepares the newbies for the field.

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