Brahmin Matrimonial Services in delhiForever matrimonial provides Brahmin Matrimonial Services In Delhi. We are also arranging the complete wedding ceremonies of brahmin community. As per the Indian caste system, out of the four castes, Brahmins are placed on the topmost slot. Being a prominent community they are scattered across the whole of India and abroad as well. Marriage rituals differ in north and south Indian context. Marriages are mostly arranged by the parents in Brahmin community. For compatibility, horoscopes are matched beforehand. Once a match is finalized, the engagement function takes place. ‘Vradham’ marks the onset of the wedding which is performed separately by the bride and the groom to get the blessings of their deities and ancestors. With Janavasam begins the evening ceremonies followed by Kasi yatra , Malai mathal and Oonjal. Kanya Dhana is the main part of the wedding in which the bride sits on the lap of her father and is given away by him as a gift to the groom. After a few more rituals, the couple pays reverence to Agni, the God of Fire.