Aggarwal Matrimonial Services In DelhiForever matrimonial provides Aggarwal Matrimonial Services In Delhi. We are also arranging the complete wedding ceremonies of aggarwal community. Hailing from Northern States of India, the Agarwals (also known as Baniyas) have their origin from Agroha, a place near the city of Hissar. They have considerable presence in business and other sectors. They follow their own set of traditional customs during a marriage. Different customs and rituals are performed during marriage at both bride’s and groom’s place. The formal Engagement or Rokna Ceremony takes place as an initial step followed by Teeka Ceremony. After that, the Godh Bharai Rasam takes place in which the jholi or lap of the bride is filled with gifts brought by the groom’s side. Sangeet and Mehendi Ceremonies takes place in both brides’s and groom’s side. In Laghana Lekhan, a small puja is performed at bride’s home. Bhaat is a very important ceremony in Agarwals where the Mama or the maternal uncles of the bride presents lavish gifts to her. Tel Bhaan & Haldi, Kangana, Ganesha Puja, Gaur Puja, Baraat, Toran, Neem Jhadai, Aarti and finally the marriage followed by Vidai are the important rituals.